Music Lessons


Apply what you practice is our motto!

Every other month students are invited

to come to a group session where

local musicians will talk and teach the students something new.

Then after pizza and drinks students will be asked to play in an informal setting. Playing is not mandatory but encouraged.

There is no extra charge for this. It is just our way of helping the student  “experience music, beyond the lesson”.


Here at Melody Place Studios students learn voice, guitar, drums, piano, brass and woodwinds and strings. One half hour lessons are standard but hour lessons are also given for advanced students.

Our Philosophy

Music is our passion and our joy. The only way to teach it is with that same passion and joy.  The music lesson you will experience is like all others in that you do learn the fundamentals of music and your instrument.


We take it “beyond the lesson” with our students when those basics are learned.  Students learn to play and understand music all while learning music theory, ear training, sight reading, improvisation along with how to play solo and with an ensemble. 

Students are invited monthly to our “pizza jams” in which they are introduced to different forms of music, different instruments and more.  Each student is asked to play anything they want developing their ability to be in front of people. This is informal and fun.

Further progression of the student will lead to playing with others, in duos, trios, etc., and also learning how to play in a recording studio.

This is a total music experience and training for the student with our hope it will be something they cherish their whole life.

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